With your passion turning into an obsession, it’s the ego not the soul which progresses.

Wheels of wish

Author Profile :Bibhu Datta Rout is an Indian novelist and investment banking professional. Born in Odisha, Bibhu spent his childhood in Bhubaneswar, and most of his twenties and thirties in the cities of New Delhi, Singapore, Detroit, Tokyo. He has been working as a banking professional for last 15 years. During these period he has…


Book review of unanswered by whitescape, decider for book reading


Ever since the beginning of existence, humanity has sought   the elusive elixir of peace, happiness and tranquility. Its labours have been concerted towards carving a path and a destination towards unalloyed and permanent happiness, a divine purity of lifestyle and free-willed existence. Many have undertaken this arduous task and have either failed partially or miserably….